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My cat has bladder problems. Do you have a diet for this?

We do not manufacture any prescription formulas for the treatment of urinary tract disease in cats. All of our adult cat formulas are designed to maintain a urine pH of 6.1-6.4. This is adequate to prevent struvite crystals from forming. In most cases, this is also appropriate to help prevent calcium oxalate stones, but some cats may need a diet that produces a higher urine pH, such as a senior cat formula.

Feeding a canned product is thought to help prevent stone formation by increasing the total water intake and thus diluting the urine. Cats normally have concentrated urine and diluting it seems to help prevent urinary tract problems. Also, cats with chronic urinary tract problems seem to have an excessive response to stress. Any stress in their environment can trigger a flare-up of bladder trouble. Sometimes even a diet change (even when switching to an appropriate diet) can trigger the development of a problem.

Any cat with a history of medical problems such as bladder stones should have a thorough check-up and a nutritional consult with his veterinarian. If changing diets, switch very gradually (2-4 weeks) to help prevent a problem.

Do you have a vegetarian diet?

At this time we do not have any vegetarian diets. We believe strongly in the value of high quality animal proteins for optimal health and lean body condition. We offer a variety of formulas with a variety of animal protein sources to appeal to many different pets and their owners. The blend of amino acids that are found in animal protein sources better meet the nutritional requirements for dogs and cats. This does not mean that a balanced vegetarian diet is not possible, but we have decided to stick with quality animal protein sources for now.

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