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DHA for Brain and Vision

All our puppy and kitten formulas are enhanced with DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) – an Omega-3 fatty acid critical for brain and vision development. A growing puppy or kitten first receives DHA from its mother’s milk. Yet studies show that puppies and kittens can greatly benefit from DHA long after weaning.

Our formulas supply DHA through easy-to-digest salmon oil, optimizing your pet’s potential for a healthy mind and body. It’s just another way we are committed to the total health and happiness of your pet.

Please note that this information does not replace professional veterinary care. It is solely for educational purposes. Your pet’s medical condition should be evaluated by a veterinarian before any medical decisions are implemented. If there is a potentially life-threatening emergency involving your pet, take your pet to a veterinarian or veterinary facility immediately.

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