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This section contains information on some of the most common medical problems and issues of dogs and cats. It is designed to assist pet owners in better understanding their pets’ health problems and issues.

  • Developmental Orthopedic Disease
    You may be wondering why there are special diets for large and giant breed puppies. This article explains the science behind these specially formulated diets. Developmental orthopedic disease (DOD) is a problem that is of much greater significance to large breed puppies than small or medium breed. There are multiple [...]   Read More »

  • Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy and Panosteitis
    This condition, also known as HOD, is most commonly seen in rapidly growing large or giant breed puppies. Thankfully, it is an uncommon disorder. To understand the disease process, we first need to understand the anatomy of the bones of a growing puppy. The long bones of the body have [...]   Read More »

Please note that this information does not replace professional veterinary care. It is solely for educational purposes. Your pet’s medical condition should be evaluated by a veterinarian before any medical decisions are implemented. If there is a potentially life-threatening emergency involving your pet, take your pet to a veterinarian or veterinary facility immediately.

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