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Steve & Barbara of  Indianapolis, IN

We just wanted to take the time and thank you folks for making pet foods of high quality ingredients and not bowing to profits over quality like other bigger name brands have done over the years, sacrificing the very well being of our animals for profits. Our pets are gifts from God Himself to us and we alone are responsible for their well being.  We depend on your integrity and trustworthiness to continue to deliver only high quality nutritious products to us and our pets.  We have 4 adult domestic cats and 1 adult german shepherd and we use your Premium Edge foods to feed all our pets.  Keep this high standard and may God richly bless your company and the employees and vendors you use.  We just wanted to take the time and thank you.

Sarah of  IN

I just want to thank you for providing the food that you do. I am a veterinary assistant, and have worked in a pet feed store as well, so I’ve spent much time around food and animals, and have never found such a good food at an affordable price…I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done, not only for me, but my own pets and my cat colony, as well.

Kim of  Seattle, WA

My vet recommended a high protein food for my overweight cat and Premium Edge was the one that I chose.  She gradually lost the unnecessary weight and both she and her (regular weight) sister are very happy and healthy. Thanks for making a great cat food!

Judy of  Los Gatos, CA

My Cat, Creflo, has been a Premium Edge boy since I adopted him in February 2003.  He is healthy, a great weight, and has the most incredible coat that gets constant praise from visitors.  Thank you for a great healthy product.

Gus of  Big Spring, TX

I love your Premium Edge products. Excellent price.

Dnitra of  Grapeview, WA

Product(s) I currently feed my pet:
For two large dogs:  Skin & Coat Salmon, Potato & Vegetables Adult Dog Formula
For three adult cats:  Adult Cat Hairball Management Chicken, Salmon Meal & Vegetables Formula


I am a true believer in Premium Edge pet foods for both my dogs & cats. Moving to WA three years ago from HI, all my pets (including myself) went through severe skin reactions due to the climate change….mostly just really dry skin and dull hair/coats…I went to the Feed Store and she recommended your products. At the time, we had just purchased a PURE BLACK German Shepard pup, and she had the driest skin I’d ever seen come fall/winter. As soon as she started on the Premium Edge Skin & Coat, her coat became glossy! Everyone’s coats are still shiny, although the Shepard still has severe dry skin, so I supplement her dinner with fish oil and regular brushing and spray on conditioner. But this is a dog who lies down in snow, whereas our Lab from HI, stays in his warm doghouse, so his coat is beautiful. I can’t say enough about your products and recommend it to everyone who I overhear looking for a good dog/cat food!

Many thanks,


Delrina of  Pataskala, OH

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how great I think your pet food is.  I have two young cats and a dog.  I have fed your foods to pets that I’ve had in the past as well and have always had a great experience with it.  With my past pets I tried the more expensive foods yet did not have a good experience.  My cats’ coats started off being shorter, duller and not soft at all while eating the other foods but after starting them on the Premium Edge food there was a huge difference.  A big improvement to their overall appearance.  Their hair began to grow, became very shiny and very very soft and silky.  I received compliments from everyone that saw them including our vet.  My pets love your food and I love the healthier quality ingredients that you include in your foods each and every time I buy it.  The price is great!  There is no other food out there that compares to yours overall. I am so glad that I found your pet food and I truly hope that you continue to produce the foods that all of my pets have enjoyed and the health benefits that have came along with it.  Thanks so much!

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