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Steve & Barbara of  Indianapolis, IN

We just wanted to take the time and thank you folks for making pet foods of high quality ingredients and not bowing to profits over quality like other bigger name brands have done over the years, sacrificing the very well being of our animals for profits. Our pets are gifts from God Himself to us and we alone are responsible for their well being.  We depend on your integrity and trustworthiness to continue to deliver only high quality nutritious products to us and our pets.  We have 4 adult domestic cats and 1 adult german shepherd and we use your Premium Edge foods to feed all our pets.  Keep this high standard and may God richly bless your company and the employees and vendors you use.  We just wanted to take the time and thank you.

Gus of  Big Spring, TX

I love your Premium Edge products. Excellent price.

Dnitra of  Grapeview, WA

Product(s) I currently feed my pet:
For two large dogs:  Skin & Coat Salmon, Potato & Vegetables Adult Dog Formula
For three adult cats:  Adult Cat Hairball Management Chicken, Salmon Meal & Vegetables Formula


I am a true believer in Premium Edge pet foods for both my dogs & cats. Moving to WA three years ago from HI, all my pets (including myself) went through severe skin reactions due to the climate change….mostly just really dry skin and dull hair/coats…I went to the Feed Store and she recommended your products. At the time, we had just purchased a PURE BLACK German Shepard pup, and she had the driest skin I’d ever seen come fall/winter. As soon as she started on the Premium Edge Skin & Coat, her coat became glossy! Everyone’s coats are still shiny, although the Shepard still has severe dry skin, so I supplement her dinner with fish oil and regular brushing and spray on conditioner. But this is a dog who lies down in snow, whereas our Lab from HI, stays in his warm doghouse, so his coat is beautiful. I can’t say enough about your products and recommend it to everyone who I overhear looking for a good dog/cat food!

Many thanks,


Yvette of  Kenner, LA

Product(s) I currently feed my pet:
Healthy Weight I Weight Reduction Formula

I do not write to companies.  I could usually care less.  However, I decided to make an exception.  I have a 14 year-old spayed Corgi mix. Recently I was reading a lot about rendering plants and decided to change her food.  I asked a friend who is in the dog rescue business and she said she had actually done a lot of research and recommended your food.  So I ordered some through a local feed store.  Within three days my dog was running up the stairs and barking and playing like a puppy again!  Her hip arthritis seems to have disappeared. She is noticeably more alert and less lethargic.  Also, her waste is considerably less which tells me she is getting more nutrients and no garbage.  My dog and I thank you.

Wm. Hunter Bryant of  Charlotte, NC

My name is Wm. Hunter Bryant, owner and operator of Twilight Retrievers.  We specialize in the conscientious breeding of Golden and Labrador Retrievers for Family, Show, and Field work.   Approximately 6 months ago, I switched all of my canines  over to the Premium Edge Pet Foods… It is needless to say that I am absolutely ecstatic about the results that I have seen in my retrievers.  The coats on my animals are absolutely amazing, and their overall health is superior to anything I have ever seen.  Prior to feeding Premium Edge, I was using another super premium food that I was also paying a super premium price for.  The price of the dog food was about double the price of the Premium Edge that I am now feeding…  I am very confident that I have not lost anything by switching to Premium Edge, but if anything have gained a lot.  My dogs are healthier then they have ever been, and I attribute a large majority of this success to the nutrition my dogs are receiving.  Now, keep in mind I am not a veterinarian, or a canine nutritionist, but I am very experienced in breeding, and dogs in general, and am beyond satisfied with this product.  I would highly recommend this dog food to anyone and everyone including my clients.  Those that have taken my advice are as excited and pleased as I am.

To Dr. Melissa Brookshire, and the rest of the team at Premium Edge Pet Foods, thanks a million and keep up the good work.

William of  Corning, NY

We have a 5 year old yellow lab.  We have tried all kinds of (supposedly) diet food. We were told about your product. He has been on it approximately 2 weeks. We can see where he has lost weight. He has more energy. His coat seems so much softer. He acts like a new dog again.

Virginia of  Amarillo, TX

Product(s) I currently feed my pet:
Skin & Coat Salmon, Potato & Vegetables Adult Dog Formula

I generally dislike comments from folks who have used a product for a short time.  I have used the Skin and Coat formula for almost a year. Last winter my Shih Tzu had such bad itching that she was causing abrasions on her skin and noticeable hair loss.  She has been on Skin and Coat formula since then and this winter she is not itching at all!

Thanks so much for your great product!

Robert of  Charlotte, NC

Product(s) I currently feed my pet: Premium Edge Large Breed Lamb & Rice

I have found that this food is some of the best on the market. Having raised, shown and bred dogs for over 30 years, my dogs look better and are much happier with your food.

Rachel of  Amarillo, TX

Thank you for your excellent dog food.  I have a Great Dane who is now 1 1/2 years old who has irritable bowel syndrome, but since feeding her your food, she has not had many attacks at all.  It is very affordable yet provides excellent nutrition.  I just wanted you to know how thankful we are for your food and that we tell everyone we can about it! I think it is important to not only complain to a company when something is wrong, but moreso to let them know when they are appreciated and provide an excellent product.

Perry of  Havana, FL

The guy at the pet food store talked me into purchasing your Premium Edge when I first met my dog 8 years ago.  I thought it was a bit pricey but went for it.  Ember just got another clean bill of health (superior health is what the vet said) during her annual checkup last week. Thank you.

Pam of  Fredrica, DE

Product(s) I currently feed my pet:
Skin & Coat Salmon, Potato & Vegetables Adult Dog Formula

I have fed my Boston Terriers this brand of food for ten months now. It is with pleasure that I praise their coats and skin condition all due to the diet they are now on. Since moving from Tennessee to Delaware, our older female developed allergies and had a horrible time with hair loss, itching, ear problems and all around bad health. I consulted our local Concord Pets in Milford, DE as I was looking for a high protein food with NO red die #40. (I have always used this precaution.) The owner recommended your product. It did not take long at all to start seeing vast improvement in our Bostons. Sweet Pea is blind (no eyes) and is 10 years old. Our male is about 6 and was a rescue. I am sure with your product they will live healthier, longer lives.  My only regret is that I should have written you sooner to let you know my gratitude.

Michelle of  Kent, OH

Our 3 year old Lab was 15 pounds overweight 1 year ago. Our vet suggested he eat the weight loss variety of food that we use because at this time he could handle the weight but as he aged, it would be a detriment to his heart, lungs, and skeletal system. We did switch to Healthy Weight I and by spring, his weight was up to snuff. When we switched him to Healthy Weight II for his physical this fall, our vet said {our dog} was one of their most successful weight loss patients they had ever had. His weight was perfect! Thank you for a high quality, affordable product. P.S. {This dog} is the third dog we have fed Premium Edge products!

Melissa of  Monroe, WA

I have fed Premium Edge to my two dogs for a couple of years now.  I recently adopted another dog, and he was being fed another brand by his previous owner.  After the pet food recalls and with that brand being on that list, I switched him over to Premium Edge. Previously, he was a picky eater and would never finish his food, but now that he is on Premium Edge he eats all of his food and usually licks his bowl clean!

Melanie of  Vancouver, WA


Thanks for making such a good dog food.  My 7 year old Great Pyr has always been on high end foods.  But I found myself in a pinch and bought some quality dry dog food from the supermarket and found my dog had very loose stools with it.  I was about ready to take my dog to the vet when my seed and feed store told me about your Premium Edge Pet Food so I switched and bingo that solved the problem.  His stools are normal now and he loves loves loves your dog food!  Four paws up for your company…
Thanks So Much, Melanie and Tonka…

Maurisa of  OH

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much we love your dog food. It has been wonderful for our dog and he has been eating it since he came home with us. Thank you for making such a great product.

Marissa of  Danville, CA

Product(s) I currently feed my pet: Lamb and Rice Dry Dog Food

Just wanted to say “thanks” for your attention to quality ingredients
and healthy pet food. My dog appreciates it and so do I!

Lynne of  Greenville, MI

This dog food has made a tremendous difference since starting my dog on it 1.5 years ago. She is old and has arthritis and is a possible diabetic.  She was needing help getting up short steps and not moving around well at all.  Since she has been on the formula with chondroitin and glucosamine, she is almost puppy-acting.  I was afraid I would have to put her down and now we are going camping and she is always ready for walks.

Thank you and a special thank you for giving me more quality time with my dog and best friend.

Lisa of  Medina, OH

Product(s) I currently feed my pet:
Skin & Coat Salmon, Potato & Vegetables Adult Dog Formula

I suffered for 1 1/2 years trying to find the right food for my 3 rescued boxers.  Wally has a sensitive stomach and hates large kibble sizes, Buford will not eat small kibble and he flings the food about the room, and Lucy sometimes just doesn’t eat.  In addition, Buford has skin/coat allergies and would lick his white paws until they turned rusty.  I was tired of trying to find the right food to please all my pups and be healthy at the same time.  My Vet offered a list of “high end” natural foods to try and advised me that Boxers are prone to cancer.  I tried several of the brands on the list, but not one of them served my dogs’ needs and tastebuds.  My neighbor as well as my dad suggested Premium Edge.  Dad was very impressed with your quality safeguards.  I went up to Medina Farmers Exchange and bought a bag of Premium Edge Coat & Skin Formula.  It is 4 months later and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Buford’s paws are now white again as he stopped licking, and he’s trimmed down and toned up.  Most notable is his increase in energy!  He’s like a puppy again!  Wally hasn’t thrown up since he’s been on his new diet.  And Lucy eats every meal.  I am so thrilled to have found your product!  Thank you!

Krista of  Fremont, CA

I could not be happier!  We adopted Rosie 3 months ago.  She is a dalmatian/lab mix and was very overweight and very stinky.  I put her on another weight control food and although she lost some weight, she remained extremely stinky.  We were actually bathing her every 10 days because we couldn’t take the smell.  My local Pet Food Express recommended Premium Edge to me and I thought…what the heck, I am desperate!  She has been on it for 2 weeks and has lost weight, looks fantastic, and her odor is GONE!  She literally has no smell any more. Her coat is shiny and beautiful.  We wanted her to be healthy, but honestly, we wanted her to stop stinking – she is our “family dog” and our very clean home was taking on the “stinky dog” smell – not something we were happy with.  In fact, we were starting to be embarassed when friends would come over and they wanted her to stay away because of her odor.  Now, she is happy, healthy and odor free.  I can’t thank you enough.  A truly FANTASTIC product.  I dare to say, life changing!

Katie of  Minden, CA

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank-you for helping our dog.  “Masooch” is a male Newfoundland dog currently in his 11th year.  He has started to develop hot spots and skin irritations.  We’ve been using herbal remedies that have been somewhat effective and used to feed him Nutro kibble.  When the price for their lamb blend sky-rocketed recently, our local supplier stopped carrying that product.  They offered us the Nutro adult chicken formula instead.  Within two weeks of switching to this product, Masooch’s hot spots were back in full force.  Our local supplier had just gotten his first shipment of Premium Edge pet food and was excited to offer this line to us.  We were doubtful as we’d never heard of the brand before but wanted to give it a shot.  Within two weeks of using the new food Masooch’s skin has completely cleared up and looks better than ever.  We have found your dog kibble fresh and appealing to Masooch, who can also be a bit of a picky eater… and best of all, he is healthier now.  Thanks so much for a great product!  We have already recommended your line to several friends.

Karen of  Santa Rosa, CA

I was told about Premium Edge at Carters Feed store and I wanted to thank you for making such an excellent product.  My dogs love their new food and I will be keeping my 2 German Shorthair Pointers on this food.  I am happy to have found a quality dog food I can feed my dogs and have confidence in.  Thank you.

John & Betsy of  Redmond, OR

Product(s) I currently feed my pet:
Skin & Coat Salmon, Potato & Vegetables Adult Dog Formula

Our dog is a 3 year old Welsh Terrier (Willie). After a whole lot of testing we thought he had a form of “porto systemic shunt” as, since a very young age, two or thee times a week he would vomit bile and sometimes pass out.  After researching the breed’s history and the food the farmers in Wales used (badger, otter, potato and fish), we tried Premium Edge Skin & Coat Salmon, Potatoes & Vegetable. Six months later he has gained a little weight but all health related problems have totally disappeared.  Thank you!  We really believe you have helped to save Willie’s life!

Delrina of  Pataskala, OH

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how great I think your pet food is.  I have two young cats and a dog.  I have fed your foods to pets that I’ve had in the past as well and have always had a great experience with it.  With my past pets I tried the more expensive foods yet did not have a good experience.  My cats’ coats started off being shorter, duller and not soft at all while eating the other foods but after starting them on the Premium Edge food there was a huge difference.  A big improvement to their overall appearance.  Their hair began to grow, became very shiny and very very soft and silky.  I received compliments from everyone that saw them including our vet.  My pets love your food and I love the healthier quality ingredients that you include in your foods each and every time I buy it.  The price is great!  There is no other food out there that compares to yours overall. I am so glad that I found your pet food and I truly hope that you continue to produce the foods that all of my pets have enjoyed and the health benefits that have came along with it.  Thanks so much!

Dee of  Amboy, WA

Product(s) I currently feed my pet:
Skin & Coat Salmon, Potato & Vegetables Adult Dog Formula,   Chicken, Rice & Vegetables Adult Dog Formula

I do foster care for Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, and recently a young pup came into rescue that was in pretty bad shape. His family had just gone through a divorce and his owner was unable to keep him at his new place.  The puppy was kept in a crate 24/7. He weighed 49 lbs at 8 months old.  He had entropian in one eye, his collar had been so tight that all the hair was worn off of his neck, and the rest of his coat didn’t look much better.  He had severe stomach problems that caused diarrhea.  I couldn’t get him over his stomach problems with the dog food I was using so I went to Orchard’s Feed Mill in Vancouver, WA.  I knew I needed a  dog food with no corn or wheat, and they recommended your Skin & Coat formula. In six weeks this puppy has a thick full coat, his stomach problem are all cleared up and he has gained 20 lbs. He is a completely different dog. He is now competing in Dock Diving competitions and having the time of his life.

With the change in this puppy, I switched my other dogs to your dog food (most on Skin & Coat) as I want the attitude and coat condition that it seems to provide.  My 8 1/2 year old who is still competing in the show ring looks and acts like a 2 year old (with the exception of the grey muzzle).  I put my old picky eater on chicken and rice, and he hasn’t missed a meal. The younger seem to have more energy. And even though I was feeding a good quality food before, my clean up has been cut in half, for an extra bonus.  I have recommended other puppy owners try your food. We are going to see if after one bag they can see the difference, which I know they will.

Dee Morasco

Dean of  Orlando, FL

Product(s) I currently feed my pet:
Skin & Coat Salmon, Potato & Vegetables Adult Dog Formula,   Chicken, Rice & Vegetables Adult Dog Formula

I selected this product on my own at a local pet food store in Orlando (Pookies).  I hadn’t seen it before and was up in the air, but was pretty certain I wanted to try it out.  The employee explained that this was a newer product.  They were excited to hear how it went and I promised I’d share when I returned.

When I got home, I mixed in a little of the new food (new to the doggies) and for the first time in months, they devoured the food – no wet food in for enticement at all.  LOL.  They LOVE this food and I LOVE it for all that is in it (I have two large-breed dogs, so hips are always a worry).

I just wanted to share this with you directly and let you know that the final factor – the price – is just such an overwhelming factor.  To make a product this good and that my dogs love this much, and to still be far less expensive than the other brands, means a lot.

Thank you for your time.
Dean Casey

Daniel of  Green Cove Springs, FL

By far the best dog food for my dogs.  They want to eat nothing but Premium Edge.  I want to thank you for making such good dog food – I have two Black German Shepherd dogs.  I tell all my friends about your dog food- it is the best.  It keeps them healthy and smart.  Thanks again.

Cynthia of  Minoqua, WI

Wanted to let you know my dog has enjoyed Premium Edge dog food for 5 yrs in NM.  Just moved to WI and tried to switch to another brand (gradually) but Meli does much better on Premium Edge.  Thrilled to find out there is a dealer nearby!  I will call & make sure they have what I need. Thanks for having a quality product!

Cyndi of  Plano, TX

I love that I was able to discover this food for my boys! For one thing, they are picky eaters and they both have skin allergies to just about everything else…Every chance I get, I recommend PE to people having issues with dog food and wanting something healthy to feed their “kids.”

Chris of  Lexington, OK

I have 2 pitbulls that I have raised from puppies. I used to live in
California and get my dog food from costco, because it has no corn meal
or any other corn product in it. I have lived in Oklahoma for only a
year and I have not found any thing like what I was getting until now. I
just want to thank you for making this food for my dogs. Now I won’t have
to take them to the vet for hot spots. I don’t like using that other dog
food. I am currentlly changing my dog food from Ol’Roy to the Premium
Edge Lamb and rice dog food. I just wanted to say thank you again.

Chandra of  Auburn (Auburn Pet Salon), IN

I own a pet salon in Auburn, In and I just started retail with your products, Premium Edge, Chicken Soup, Taste of the Wild. Sales have been really good and all my customers that have tried it have really liked it. I was looking for a reasonable dog food for my shop, but it had to be corn, wheat, soy, by-product, beet pulp, brewers rice, chemical free. So far your products have been rated 4 star and above which is great because I will only retail high quality pet food.  Keep up the good work.

Alexa of  Tonawanda, NY

I just wanted to take the time to thank your company…We love your product because it offers everything our dog’s diet requires and for a reasonable price!

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