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Gus of  Big Spring, TX

I love your Premium Edge products. Excellent price.

Dee of  Amboy, WA

Product(s) I currently feed my pet:
Skin & Coat Salmon, Potato & Vegetables Adult Dog Formula,   Chicken, Rice & Vegetables Adult Dog Formula

I do foster care for Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, and recently a young pup came into rescue that was in pretty bad shape. His family had just gone through a divorce and his owner was unable to keep him at his new place.  The puppy was kept in a crate 24/7. He weighed 49 lbs at 8 months old.  He had entropian in one eye, his collar had been so tight that all the hair was worn off of his neck, and the rest of his coat didn’t look much better.  He had severe stomach problems that caused diarrhea.  I couldn’t get him over his stomach problems with the dog food I was using so I went to Orchard’s Feed Mill in Vancouver, WA.  I knew I needed a  dog food with no corn or wheat, and they recommended your Skin & Coat formula. In six weeks this puppy has a thick full coat, his stomach problem are all cleared up and he has gained 20 lbs. He is a completely different dog. He is now competing in Dock Diving competitions and having the time of his life.

With the change in this puppy, I switched my other dogs to your dog food (most on Skin & Coat) as I want the attitude and coat condition that it seems to provide.  My 8 1/2 year old who is still competing in the show ring looks and acts like a 2 year old (with the exception of the grey muzzle).  I put my old picky eater on chicken and rice, and he hasn’t missed a meal. The younger seem to have more energy. And even though I was feeding a good quality food before, my clean up has been cut in half, for an extra bonus.  I have recommended other puppy owners try your food. We are going to see if after one bag they can see the difference, which I know they will.

Dee Morasco

Chandra of  Auburn (Auburn Pet Salon), IN

I own a pet salon in Auburn, In and I just started retail with your products, Premium Edge, Chicken Soup, Taste of the Wild. Sales have been really good and all my customers that have tried it have really liked it. I was looking for a reasonable dog food for my shop, but it had to be corn, wheat, soy, by-product, beet pulp, brewers rice, chemical free. So far your products have been rated 4 star and above which is great because I will only retail high quality pet food.  Keep up the good work.

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