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Beware of those fireworks!

If you’re planning a big Fourth of July celebration, make sure to take special care of your pets. The loud noises can be very frightening to your pets, especially to dogs that are outdoors during the festivities. Dogs are  best kept locked indoors, with some music  or the television (just make sure the station that’s on is not broadcasting fireworks from elsewhere!) playing to cover the noise from the celebration. If you have guests at your house, make sure to contain your dog in a room or in his crate so that he does not slip out the door when people are coming and going.

Another hazard to be mindful of during holiday celebrations is food and drink. Make sure that the table does not go unguarded or make it easy on everyone and put Fido away during the meal. We often have picnics or celebrate outdoors for the Fourth and food may be more accessible than normal. This is a temptation that is nearly impossible for any dog to pass up, even the best trained dogs. Avoid severe stomach upset and a probable trip to your veterinarian by simply preventing your dog from helping himself to the feast this holiday.

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