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Cancer Pill for Dogs

Pfizer Animal Health recently began distribution of Palladia, a cancer fighting medication just for dogs, after obtaining FDA approval in June. Palladia is designed to be used in the treatment of mast cell tumors, which are the second most common form of tumors in dogs, according to Pfizer. There are 1.2 million cases of canine cancer in the US each year.

Traditional treatments for mast cell tumors include surgical removal, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Mast cell tumors have different grades of severity. Low grade tumors can be surgically removed and often do not require additional therapy to prevent a recurrence. Higher grade tumors often spread to other parts of the body and behave very aggressively.

Mast cell tumors often appear as lumps on the outside of the skin. They cannot be identified just by looking at them so it is very important to have your veterinarian check any lump that you notice on your pet. Left untreated, they can grow larger and spread throughout the body.

Palladia works against mast cell tumors by cutting off the blood supply to the tumor. It is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, a specific class of cancer fighting drugs.

Clnical trials for FDA approval showed that 60% of the dogs treated with Palladia had their tumors shrink, disappear or stop growing.

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