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Cats can get Heartworms Too

We don’t hear a lot about heartworm disease in cats, but it is certainly something we should be concerned about. Mosquitoes transmit the microscopic heartworm larvae to cats. If a cat is not taking a preventive medication to stop the heartworms in their tracks, an adult infection can develop. Unfortunately, the medications that we use to treat heartworms in dogs cannot be used to treat cats. There is no treatment available at this time.

Options for prevention of heartworms in cats include monthly medications that are given by mouth or drops that are put on the skin. These medications are very effective in protecting cats from heartworm infection. If you have a cat and you have mosquitoes in your area (who doesn’t?) then it would be a great idea to talk to your vet about heartworm preventive for your cat. Just like for dogs, prevention is the best medicine.

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