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Diarrhea is a Common Complaint

Diarrhea is a common complaint among pet owners. Why do dogs get diarrhea? Well, there are many reasons. One big reason is the dog that eats something that is not part of his normal diet. Many pet owners claim that they watch their pets “every minute” and their dog could not have possibly eaten something without them knowing. I find this impossiblet to believe – do you take your dog into the bathroom with you, into the shower, to the mailbox, etc.? Probably there are some moments when your dog is unattended and they seem to take this opportunity to devour things that are not on the approved menu. I’ll give you a great example, my own lab pup. He is 10 months old and old enough to know better, relatively well attended in the house but not watched every minute. Well, the other day he was chewing on a ball and lo and behold, the cover to the ball was suddenly missing. Now I have discovered many a sock and even some underwear in the vomit or poop that I have cleaned up over the past 8 months that this beast has lived in my house so I really did not think that much about it. (I did purchase laundry hampers with lids and moved all laundry to the closets, but when you have boys in the house, socks get left laying around, no matter how much yelling I do). So, about a week later I decided to make the switch from puppy food to adult food. Of course I did the change gradually, but suddenly my pup has serious diarrhea. I mean a fountain exploding from his backside! And I am ready to blame the diet change (of course). But a little later, suddenly the orange ball cover appears. Not sure which end it came from, but the diarrhea ended and the new food is great! So, even a veterinarian can have a mishap with digestive upset in their pet. Read more about diarrhea and digestive upset in our medical library.

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