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Exercising Your Cat

Exercising your cat is very important, especially if your cat lives indoors. Just like people, cats also benefit from exercising. It can help release nervous or aggressive energy, prevent them from destroying your house and help prevent obesity. For the most part cats love to just lay around and relax all day, but when it is time for them to release some energy make sure they have plenty to do.

Obesity is a big problem with cats, but exercising can help your cat maintain a healthy body condition. Obese cats can have mobility issues and painful arthritis. Cats that are obese may be unable to groom themselves properly, leading to an unkempt hair coat. Heart and respiratory disease, diabetes and liver problems are also commonly associated with obesity.

There are millions of cat toys on the market, but you can easily turn basic household items into great toys. For example: strings, yarn, shoelaces and even laser pointers can be inexpensive yet very effective toys. Cats will swallow strings or yarn, so make sure to keep these firmly attached to a stick or something similar and make sure to put away all toys when done playing. Cats naturally like to climb, pounce and hunt, so try to find something that creates those scenarios and you and your cat will have hours of fun and exercise.

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