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Microchipping Your Dog

Whether your dog is a puppy, adult or senior it is never to late to have them microchipped. It is always recommended to have your dog microchipped even if you plan on keeping them indoors, having an invisible fence put around your property or building a fence around your yard.

Recently, our neighbor’s well behaved dog ran away because a hot air balloon flew over their house scared him enough to run away through an invisible fence. Thankfully, he was found at the neighborhood park. This is a prime example of how you never know what can cause your dog to run away or escape. If your dog ever does run away and get lost it can be a stressful, emotional and costly journey for you and your family.

Microchips have been responsible for over 600,000 pets being found. To read success stories of pets being found please click on this link:

Get your dog microchipped to give you and your dog the comfort of always being able to find each other.

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