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National Pet Wellness Month

National Pet Wellness Month is just around the corner – what are you going to do to celebrate? Why not take your special kitty into the veterinarian for a thorough checkup?

Did you know that when your pet has a checkup, many of the things that your veterinarian does are the same things that your doctor does for your checkup. Veterinarians examine the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth – carefully looking for any problems. Some problems that might be detected during your cat’s checkup are detached retina in the eye, ear mites in the ears, discharge from the nose and tartar on the teeth. What you hope to hear is that everything checks out just fine. Regular exams will help ensure this – your veterinarian can monitor all the systems within the body and detect problems early, before they are difficult to treat.

Your veterinarian will weigh your cat and record a body condition score, just like your doctor does. Your veterinarian might recommend a weight loss plan if your kitty is overweight. Cats that are overweight are more likely to develop fatty liver disease if they get sick and stop eating, even for a short period of time. They are also more likely to suffer from diabetes and arthritis.

Your veterinarian will look closely at your cat’s skin and hair, making sure there are not any problems with either of these parts of the body.

A good listen to the heart and lungs will help detect abnormal heart or lung sounds that could indicate a problem that needs to be addressed. And a good feel of the abdomen, looking to feel the shape and size of the internal organs, will help your vet determine the overall condition of your kitty.

Of course there are some diseases that are sneaky and do not show any outward signs early on. Kidney disease is one such disease. Bloodwork and a urinalysis will add to the information that your veterinarian collected during the physical examination. These tests are especially important as cats get older and can detect such problems as liver disease, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and kidney disease as mentioned above.

Do your cat and yourself a favor and make an appointment with your veterinarian to celebrate National Pet Wellness Month.

This section features current events in the veterinary world and information about pet care that is timely – such as holiday hazards around the holidays or dental care during the month of February. If you would like to see a particular topic, please use our contact form and choose ‘General Feedback, Other’.

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