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Protein and Senior Pets

Most pet owners still believe that protein restriction for aging pets is a good idea. This blanket treatment of our older pets with restricted dietary protein is not only a bad idea, it may be harmful to their health. There may be some medical conditions for which protein restriction is beneficial, but these are few and far between. At the 2007 Western States Veterinary Conference, board certified veterinary nutritionists and internal medicine specialists spoke at length about feeding our older pets. We know that pets live longer than ever before and because of this, are more likely to develop diseases that are associated with aging. As we learn more and more about pet nutrition from ongoing research studies, we can further impact the overall health of pets throughout their lives. Protein is critical for maintaining lean body mass. Without adequate dietary protein, the body breaks down protein in the muscles for use in maintaining the vital internal organs. Muscle wasting is a commonly recognized problem in older pets and can be addressed with adequate levels of quality dietary protein. In addition, protein plays a critical role in immunity. Protein restriction will impact the ability of the body to protect itself from disease. Protect the health of your aging pets and talk to your veterinarian about the appropriate diet to keep them happy and healthy. Our recipes for senior pets offer adequate levels of high quality dietary protein to keep the body in tip-top condition.

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