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Take Care with Flea and Tick Control

Did you know that 44,000 potential toxicities associated with the use of topical parasite prevention products were reported to the EPA last year alone? There are many over-the-counter flea and tick medications that are available, but are they safe?

In an article from the EPA’s website, updated June 23, 2009, the EPA reports that it is intensifying its evaluation of spot-on pesticides for flea and tick control. Adverse reactions that have been reported range from skin irritation to seizures and in some cases, even death.

To prevent an adverse reaction in your pet, carefully read the instructions on the package. After applying the product to your pet, observe your pet closely for any signs of an unusual reaction. These may include drooling, panting excessively, trembling or even seizuring. If you suspect a reaction, contact your veterinarian or veterinary emergency center immediately.

If your pet is very young, very old or has a chronic medical condition, it is best to consult with a veterinarian about which product might be safest to use.

Flea and tick control is very important for the health of your pets. These pesty parasites can cause skin irritation or even serious diseases. Protect your pet, but remember to choose wisely.

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