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Take your dog to work day is June 21st

For many small businesses and those working in the animal health industry, every day is “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”  I can say the highlight of my dog’s week is running to the car Monday morning knowing she’s headed to the veterinary clinic.  Once at work she and the other employee’s dogs enjoy greeting clients and veterinary patients in the lobby, sitting on any vacant laps, and scavenging for treats abandoned by patients too nervous to eat them.

Take Your Dog to Work Day was created in 1999 by Pet Sitters International. This day is a chance to recognize our best friends in the work-place with goal of bringing awareness to shelters, rescues and adoption centers.  Employers are encouraged to allow employees to bring their furry family members to work.  Not only is this a benefit to many homeless dogs bringing awareness to their needs, but dogs also have a way of bringing people together through openness and conversation.  For colleagues who may not think they have much in common, the love of a canine can be a fun bonding opportunity.

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