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The Housing Crisis Affects Pets Too

Record numbers of foreclosures have left many homeowners struggling to find a place to live for themselves and their pets. If you are in this situation, please do not abandon your pets. Pets are not able to fend for themselves and will become ill or even die without care.

The bond between pets and their owners is very strong. If children are involved in this difficult time, it is important to try and keep the family together, pets and all. However, this may not always be possible.

There are pet friendly housing options available in many places as the popularity of pets in this country has exploded in recent years. This should be your first route, searching for pet friendly housing. If you can’t secure a home for you and your pet, you still have options that might allow you to find a temporary home for your pets.

Pet sitters will often take your pets into their home and care for them. The charge will likely be more reasonable than a kennel. If you have a purebred dog, you might be able to find a foster family through a local breed rescue group. This family will care for your pet while you arrange for pet friendly housing.

If you absolutely cannot manage to keep your pet, contact local rescue groups or no-kill shelters. These groups will work very hard to find a permanent home for your special pet.

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