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Vomiting Cats

Many cats vomit occasionally, sometimes it’s a hairball, sometimes a bug that they have caught and swallowed. However, regular vomiting is not good for your cat. Vomiting brings the acid from the stomach up into the esophagus and out through the mouth. This acid can be damaging to the esophagus. If your cat is vomiting on a regular basis, the first thing you should do is make an appointment to see your veterinarian. There might be a medical problem that is causing your cat’s digestive upset.

If your veterinarian does not find a medical explanation for the vomiting, she might tell you to consider a diet change. First check the fiber level in the food that you are feeding. If it is low (3% or less), try switching to a light or hairball formula that would typically have 6-8% fiber. If you are already feeding a food with higher fiber content, consider a switch to a lower fiber formula. Make a gradual switch, offering both foods to your cat for several weeks. The best way to make a diet change for a cat is to put the new food in the bowl that your cat likes eating from. Put the old food in a new bowl. Gradually reduce the amount of the previous diet and increase the amount of the new diet until your cat is switched over. Remember, you can’t starve your cat into eating a new food. If your cat won’t make the switch to the new food, you will have to try something else. If cats go without eating for any length of time, they can develop life-threatening fatty liver disease. This disease, called hepatic lipidosis, requires intensive care and is very expensive to treat.

Remember to work closely with your veterinarian to help stop your cat’s vomiting and help him feel better everyday.

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