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VPI’s Top Ten Reasons Cats Went to the Vet in 2007

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) is the oldest provider of veterinary pet insurance in the United States. Each year VPI analyzes its claims to compile a list of the top ten reasons that cats were taken to the veterinarian. Not surprisingly, urinary tract infections hold the number one spot on the list. Chronic renal failure held the number 3 position while diabetes mellitus hit the list at number 5. Interestingly, digestive upset in the form of diarrhea moved up the list from the number 16 to number 4. Vomiting was in the prominent number 2 position and colitis/constipation were number 7. Just like for dogs, the increase in digestive issues were attributed to dietary issues in about 1/3 of the cases. This includes diet (wrong diet choice for the pet or a problem with the food), diet change and dietary indiscretion. VPI veterinarians recommend seeking your veterinarian’s advice when choosing the food for your pet, choosing a diet specific for your pet’s needs (yes you may need to feed 3 different foods to your 3 cats!) and maintaining a consistent diet. Also on the list were skin allergies at number 6, ear infections at number 8, respiratory infections at number 9 and hyperthyroidism at number 10.

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