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World Pet Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a chance for us to honor our military heroes who have passed.  With so many dogs serving in the military, there exist tributes such as the War Dog Memorial in New Jersey for our canine soldiers who have served and died in the line of duty.  For pet owners around the world, Pet Memorial Day is celebrated on June 10th and is a chance to honor and pay tribute to all beloved pets who have passed on.  These pets include military working dogs, service dogs and cats and family pets.  For many, pets are like children or members of the family, and their loss is felt deeply.

We can remember our lost pets in many ways.  Planting a memorial tree or garden site is a good way to remember our dear pets with spring and summer bringing new growth and remembrance every year.  Making a donation to an animal rescue in the name of a beloved pet is an excellent tribute.  Even if you are not a pet owner, World Pet Memorial Day can also be a chance to let a friend know you acknowledge their loss with a card or a simple gesture. Remembering and honoring those who have gone before us helps keep memories alive and these celebrations of life extend to our pets.

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